We are a preventative agency that supports individuals, families, organisations and the community at large. Programs are based on the philosophy that dealing with a person’s welfare prior to any deviation from normal function and healthy social interaction is both psychologically and economically much more desirable than the alternative.

Our primary goal is to minimize the risk of transition to circumstances that require remedial intervention and by doing so to strengthen our community. The organisation is structured in such a way that programs are modular and can be offered in the following broad categories

YOUTH SUPPORT – engage, support and strengthen young people who may be affected by the negative impacts of family or community isolation , disconnection and the resultant mental and physical health issues.

SUICIDE PREVENTION AND INTERVENTION – Implementation of programs to reduce the risk of suicidality in a range of organisations and groups. Support services are provided to those persons suffering with grief and loss associated with the suicide of a close relative or friend.

TRAUMA SUPPORT – Counselling and support services are provided to those persons suffering from loss , grief, sickness , destitution , suffering and misfortune caused by accidents, disasters , personal hardship (e.g. adverse affects caused by poverty) and other such events.

PRACTICAL SUPPORT – The provision of financial and other material support, to persons suffering from the effects of poverty , sickness , destitution, suffering or misfortune.

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